The Phillips Difference

Although there are many hockey instructors around the world, there are several factors that make us unique. Although most instructors will explain and demonstrate how a skill is performed correctly, at Phillips Hockey we make sure that our students develop a better understanding of each skill by also showing them how and why certain skill are performed incorrectly. Once a player fully understands a skill, it becomes much more simple for them to make corrections themselves, even while playing. Another unique feature of Phillips Hockey is our use of modern high tech video and computer analysis systems along with advanced radar technology in the instructional process. This provides our students a better understanding their abilities through visual cues and will also allow them to retain a record so that they may chart their progress. Parents may also become involved at home with the student, as they track and chart their progress. Having the praise of the instructor along with that of parents and peers proves more effective in increasing a student's level of self-confidence, which is extremely important in the process of player development.

OUR PHILOSOPHY: Hockey Made Simple

This philosophy simply states that, simple skills require simple movements, and that in a high-paced physical game like ice hockey, you must be very efficient. A good portion of this game is mental, so we have also created ways to develop our student's minds so they can read and react in high-pressure situations. Our programs focus is to create the best possible athlete, and will instruct its' students according to their personalities as well as abilities. Students will leave their training sessions with a renewed confidence knowing that they have made progress in such a short period of time.

Since everyone may not be able to afford such a luxury, discount packages and business sponsorships are available for those who meet certain requirements. Steve Phillips will also be holding instructional classes and free seminars throughout the year in order to help parents, coaches, and players better understand the game of hockey.

Specific Skill Training

1. Power skating & Stopping: Synthetic surface is ideal for developing proper striding techniques, as well as improving the student's ability to stop and start.

2. Shooting: Accurate shooting comes from development of proper shooting skills. Our video analysis system will allow the student to visually understand their shot and any corrections that need to be made. (Guaranteed to produce rapid results)

3. Checking: With a combination of striding techniques and contact with the checking bag, students will quickly develop the skills needed to become a successful checker.


Private Lessons
Individual one-on-one sessions that focus on developing the students skating, puck handling, passing, shooting, and checking skills. These sessions are designed to increase the student's understanding of each skill, which allows them to develop much faster. Every session is guaranteed to produce results.

(Cost: $75 per student)*

Small Group Training Sessions
Each group is challenged with a rigorous professional training program that involves a series of high intensity skating, passing, & puck handling drills. These sessions also include professional development techniques involving parachute and bungee cord speed training, as well as, on ice strength training with weighted pucks, medicine balls, and more.

(Cost: 2 for $50 each / 3 or more $40 each )*

Certified Personal Training
Sports performance, general fitness, and weight loss programs instructed on a one-to-one basis. The individual will be physically evaluated and a program will be developed based on what their desired results.

(Cost: $50/hr)

XLR8 Power Skating(XLRamp Ice Skating Incline)
Students learn proper balance, edges, stride, and turning, along with starting and stopping techniques. Players can also learn proper skating form and work on the power of their stride on our custom made 70 foot, 3 stage, synthetic ice incline which is designed to improve the players starting speed, stride power, body position, strength, and stamina. The XLRamp is also fitted with a laser timing system that allows players to gauge their progress with each run.

(Session Cost: $40/ half hour)

Sports Performance Circuit Training
Students will be put through a 1 hour custom made circuit training program that consists of plyometric, isometric, isokinetic, aerobic, and core training. Students will also be instructed on proper warm-up and stretching routines which will be incorporated into each circuit program.

(Cost: $40 per student / 2 student minimum)

Team Training & Practices
Youth or Adult teams can request an entire practice or individual skill development. Teams will be taught simple techniques for improving breakouts, forechecking, backchecking, power plays, penalty killing, offensive and defensive play, and more. Individual skill development techniques for shooting and checking are also offered.

(Cost: $20/player / 10 player minimum)

*Special prepay & sibling discount packages are available. Arena ice costs are additional.

Special Programs
Phillips Hockey proudly supports those players and families who are less fortunate. If you would like to sponsor a young hockey player send your name and contact information to:
Pass-the-Buck c/o Phillips Hockey
131 W Easy St. Simi Valley, CA 93065.
Or E-mail